Commission Piece


Space styled by Michelle Henry
Art by Melissa Nelson

First Commission

The greatest is when your full time job and your passion project come together! I work as an interior stylist at a home staging company in Langley and one of our clients couldn't find art to go above their sofa in their main living space. So, Michelle (the designer of this space) told them that I painted on the side and showed them a few pieces that I had previously done. They were interested instantly and the rest is history one might say. 

The only requirements was the size of the canvas had to be 36 x 60 inches and they wanted mustard yellow in it to tie in the colors already in the room. It did help that I had already seen the space in person too so I knew what would look good!

This was the piece that started this whole journey for me so this one is close to my heart.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, head to the contact form and send me a note!

Melissa Nelson